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I would like to welcome everyone back for the 2022 Seattle Summer Music Games here in beautiful Renton Washington. It’s so nice to be back after a two-year break.  I am proud to represent the Northwest Youth Music Association which is a youth development company, as well as the parent company of the Seattle Cascades Drum and Bugle Corps. 

As an organization, we are rededicating ourselves to developing our youth to become the best versions of themselves they can be through the pageantry arts.  

The Seattle Cascades is the Pacific Northwest’s oldest youth organization in the pageantry arts and plans are currently underway for our area’s only DCI World Class drum and bugle to return to the DCI 2023 competitive tour. We want the tradition of excellence to continue to grow for many, many years to come.   


We work to provide youth with life enhancing experiences in the performing arts. Our educational programs are broadening students’ life skills to develop them as outstanding members of the community; promoting dedication, responsibility, teamwork and strong leadership skills. Our goal is to provide a vehicle for our members to perform at the highest possible artistic level. 

So, sit back, relax and cheer for all the hardworking students you see on the field tonight. These young adults work hard to compete and entertain for you. 

Thank you and have a great year until we see you all again at the 2023 Seattle Summer Music Games.

Brian S. Fisher

Board Chair

Northwest Youth Music Association

“A Youth Development Company”




Hello Drum Corps Fans:

After two years of no drum corps in the Pacific Northwest, we welcome you back to the 2022 edition of the Seattle Summer Music Games!


We want this to be a wonderful and entertaining experience for you so you can anticipate next year’s show.  Back is the beer and wine garden across the street at Carpenter’s Hall served by Rain City Catering.  Enjoy some friendly faces and new ones in the food court, featuring C. Davis Texas BBQ, Rain City Catering and Chayen Coffee.  Be sure to take home a bag of Drum Beat Blend Coffee, prepared especially for the Cascades by Chayen.  Visit the marketplace and check out the merchandise of the represented drum corps and other community organizations. 

Be sure to be in your seats by 6:15pm for a very special presentation.  We welcome back our MC Eric Pettigrew, a VP with the Kraken, Seattle’s new hockey franchise.  A special welcome to our competing drum corps: Columbians from Pasco, WA, Troopers from Casper, WY, Academy from Tempe, AZ and Blue Knights from Denver, CO.  Also new this year, all drum corps will be performing an encore immediately following their on-field performance.


Enjoy the show!

David Haining
Ed Petkavich
Show Coordinators



We welcome those of you who marched drum corps at some time in your life and also those alumni who organized and attended the beer and wine garden event today. It doesn’t matter if you marched Imperials, Argonauts, Black Watch, Big Sky Reveliers, Shamrocks, Drifters, Thunderbirds or a host of other Northwest drum corps because WE ARE DRUM CORPS.  

Gone are the days of our association hosting shows throughout the region so that we never had to travel more than a few hundred miles to compete.  Also in the past are the days that recruiting members was predominantly local.  Remember eating meals out of a trailer or the back of a station wagon?  No more.  


The days of VFW and American legion governing the activity and sponsoring many of the drum and bugle corps are also in the past.  The military regimentation of having to march at 120 beats per minute (what, no show tunes, jazz or symphonic music?) and other strict rules that stifled creativity are also long gone.  Who can forget parents driving our corps-owned buses and having the inevitable breakdown in the middle of no where; or of having to play our music on brass instruments with only one or two valves.  Thankfully, gone too.  However, those were the memories that made us who we are because WE ARE DRUM CORPS.

By your attendance tonight everyone is supporting the pageantry arts in general and the Seattle Cascades specifically.  Although we are not fielding a competitive ensemble this year due to COVID, the high cost of a national tour and lower membership numbers across the activity as a whole, we are actively planning a return to the field in 2023.  Seattle Summer Music Games is our principal fundraiser, helping us reach our budgetary goals. Every corps competing tonight is represented and welcomes your support.  Take a moment and make a contribution by clicking the DONATE button below or drop by the souvenir booth and grab some great merchandise.  You can also visit to discover the many other ways you can support our music and arts education programs in the Pacific Northwest.

Now, sit back and enjoy the pageantry, sights and sounds of the West’s best drum and bugle corps.  There is no doubt that you will discover why all the performers say loudly and proudly WE ARE DRUM CORPS.

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